About Us

Since Now Jewels delivers a unique collection of jewellery and accessories handmade in South Africa, designed with sustainable materials and crafted by local Jewellery designer Zinhle Shabangu.

Since Now Jewels is a fine and contemporary Jewellery brand owned by #ZeejayTheJeweller. Since Now deals with model making, Computer Aided jewellery designs (CAD) and Hand manufactured jewellery ranging from beadwork, mixed materials, Diamonds and precious metals. Since Now Accessories also manufactures Corporate gifts, also an ideal gift brand.

The company's primary objective is to furnish our customers with high-quality product at competitive prices, outstanding service and the highest level of satisfaction bringing it to the cutting edge of fashion.

We design and make what YOU want.

Hence our slogan "Yours Truly" 

Since Now Jewels & Accessories

"YOURS TRULY" by #ZeejayTheJeweller


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